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What makes your team tick?


For My Team

Enhance Your Team's Meeting Dynamics

Harmonise your team dynamics for more productive and collaborative meetings. Explore how understanding the diverse meeting styles within your team can lead to better communication, decision-making, and overall team performance.

Group Dynamics

Visualise and understand powerful group dynamics with adaptive insights and considerations for the style, strengths, and considerations of your team.


Short-circuit individual meeting styles to achieve effective group dynamics and improve team collaboration.


Leverage group preferences for key meeting dimensions and optimise meeting group dynamics.

What Makes Your Team Tick?

Visualising Team Dynamics


Our team assessment provides a visual representation of your team's dynamics, highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, and how each team member contributes to the overall meeting environment. Gain insights into how to balance different styles for a more cohesive and effective team.

Why should you care?


World-changing teams

Behind every groundbreaking achievement are successful teams that excel by playing to their strengths, understanding compromises, and deeply knowing one another. 

With The Meetings Company, surface and harness the power of group dynamics through visual insights tailored to the unique style, strengths, and considerations of your team. Your Group Dynamic Report will unveil critical insights into your team's dynamics, highlight red flags to avoid, and outline preferred styles. Discover what energizes and drains your team members and gain strategic advice on how to enhance collaboration across key areas.

Explore the transformative benefits of understanding archetypes and group dynamics. 

Our innovative approach helps teams identify activities that energise and tasks that drain, by recognising each member's unique archetype. This invaluable insight enables you to tailor workflows, boost collaboration, and optimise energy levels—ensuring unparalleled productivity and satisfaction in teamwork. 

Find out Your Teams' Meeting Type by completing the Meeting Behavioral Assessment today. Adapt strategies, prevent conflicts, and create a supportive environment that empowers every team member.

From skeptical to evangelist's in 10 minutes...

Client Testimonials

“TMC led our company through a group dynamics session, and what revealed was very accurate! The recommendations have been implemented and the feedback from my team is very positive. A great outcome. I would highly recommend the meetings company!”

“My partner and i have worked
together for over 7 years and the
insights revealed were spot on, all we could do was nod our heads and laugh. The report was scary, I didn't expect to learn so much from this. Incredible.”

"The precision was staggering. I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of insights from such a brief assessment! The engagement was the same result as my meeting type; be short, be sharp, be gone”

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