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Our Meeting Themes


Encompasses how individuals act and engage during meetings. It includes factors such as active listening, participation, collaboration, and professionalism. Agreeableness and acceptance of individual contributions. Understanding and managing behaviour in meetings contributes significantly to their effectiveness.

Time Cognisance

Time cognisance refers to being aware of and effectively managing time during meetings. Not relying on calendar defaults only, It involves setting clear agendas, optimising time booked, and ensuring that discussions and activities are productive and efficient within the allocated time frame.


Communication is a fundamental aspect of meetings. It involves effective verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, clarity in conveying information, asking questions, and promoting open and transparent dialogue. Strong communication skills enhance understanding and drive productive outcomes.

Partnership & Performance

Leadership and performance relate to the role of leaders in meetings and their influence on team performance. Effective leadership involves guiding discussions, facilitating decision-making, and encouraging participation to achieve meeting objectives, guiding performance. and leveraging group feedback to continuously improve.

Structure & Activities

Structure and activities refer to the organisation and flow of meetings. This includes agreeing clear objectives, determining meeting formats, and designing relevant meeting activities to drive engagement, collaboration, problem-solving and outputs.

Meeting challenges are not systematical, they are behavioural.

Evolving meeting data from a corporate blind-spot to valuable practical and actionable insights. We guarantee the most detailed meeting insights available. 

No exceptions!

Group Dynamics

Group dynamics become available when a team, or meeting complete the ‘Meeting Assessment’. The main dynamism comes from our ability to surface the visual expression of numerous individuals and reveal group dynamics. 

Red Flags

Understanding meeting red flags offers a layer of invaluable insight. Combined with your profile type this provides a nuanced understanding of attendees specific insights that suggest tailored approaches for more effective meetings.


Evaluating 'meeting preferences’, adds a crucial element to optimising the meetings. This evaluation is as simple to complete as it is impactful, offering a window into what makes each attendee most comfortable and engaged.

Meeting Assessment

The Meeting Assessment is used for a one-time, 60-second profiler that is extremely easy to complete but powerful in its insights. The meeting behavioural assessment surfaces your meeting traits across five key dimensions and identifies you as one of 16 different profile types.

Benchmarks & Insights

When visualised across several key dimensions, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interactions that shape meetings.

Meeting Insights & Reports

Fix your meetings without even trying. Find out your meeting type with our meeting insight report.

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