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Why should you care?

Enhance your efficiency, boost collaboration, and cultivate a thriving meeting culture.


Less than 30% of CEO's question meeting effectiveness


work day frustration is ineffective time waster meetings


of meeting time is spent discussing irrelevant issues


of employees feel their ideas are heard during meetings


of meeting attendees claim they attend ineffective meetings with no purpose


of resource costs can be attributed to time invested in meetings

5.5 / 10

The average performance rating of surveyed meetings


of the day is the amount of time executives spend in meetings


One of the top reasons emplyees leave is due to poor communication

Stop wasting time in underperforming meetings

Unpack interpersonal dynamics between people, teams, meetings and the overall organisation to save time, money, and emotions, while improving culture and productivity.

With our individual and group insights.
Find your meetings sweet spot, every time!

Your Meeting Insight assessment and report is based off several key dimensions, we all differ across these dimensions, this behavioural science backed model describes your preferred meeting style and offers a comparative understanding of you relative to colleagues or clients with whom you meet. You will learn how aspects of your personality and how your preferences influence how you meet with various people in situations you find yourself dealing with in every day.

Understand your meeting type and preferences with a simple yet powerful assessment.

Unlock the full potential of your meetings with personalised insights.

Discover your unique meeting style and revolutionize the way you collaborate.

Gain insights into your preferred meeting style and how it influences your interactions with colleagues and clients.

Create a more positive and productive meeting experience for yourself and others by understanding your meeting type and preferences.


By understanding your preferences across key meeting dimensions we can share insights on meetings and group visualisations with sensitivity to certain meeting red flags for yourself or a group.

knowing yourself and your meeting attendees, you can create a more positive and productive meeting experience for everyone involved. Understanding your meeting type can help you to understand how you prefer to work in a group meeting setting.

Understanding your meeting attendees can help you to create a more inclusive and respectful meeting environment. By understanding yourself and your meeting attendees, you can create more effective and productive meetings.


Take a leap into the future of meetings and understand what makes you, your team or your company tick.

Experience the transformative power of our approach.

Book a session with our meeting behavioural experts.

From skeptical to evangelist's in 10 minutes...

Client Testimonials

“TMC led our company through a group dynamics session, and what revealed was very accurate! The recommendations have been implemented and the feedback from my team is very positive. A great outcome. I would highly recommend the meetings company!”

“My partner and i have worked
together for over 7 years and the
insights revealed were spot on, all we could do was nod our heads and laugh. The report was scary, I didn't expect to learn so much from this. Incredible.”

"The precision was staggering. I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of insights from such a brief assessment! The engagement was the same result as my meeting type; be short, be sharp, be gone”

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