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Improve Your Company Meetings

Fix Your Meetings with DATA



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Improve Your Company Meeting Culture

Is your company struggling with underperforming meetings?

Fix Your Meetings With Data

Stop wasting time in underperforming meetings and improve company meeting culture. Gain insights into meeting red flags for yourself or a group and create a more inclusive and respectful meeting environment. Fix your meetings with data and improve company meetings based on behavioural science-backed models.

Company Culture

Elevate your company's meeting culture with data-driven insights. Learn how understanding meeting preferences across your organization can lead to more efficient, engaging, and outcome-focused meetings.

Meeting Insights

Our solution provides a comprehensive analysis of your company's meeting habits, identifying patterns, uncovering blind spots, and offering actionable recommendations to drive meaningful changes. 

Transform your meetings from time-consuming obligations into powerful tools for collaboration and innovation.

Group Dynamics with adaptive insights and considerations for all your companies meetings 

Our Aggregated Data Dashboard delivers insights and recommendations on meeting dynamics at a company-wide level. Your strategic decisions are now data-driven. To provide a broader perspective on your company's meeting dynamics, we surface all meeting insights into an intuitive dashboard. This dashboard enables the identification of trends and the generation of recommendations at a company-wide level, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Shaping the Future of Meetings

As we advance in the digital age, the traditional methods of conducting meetings are no longer sufficient. By taking a personalised, data-driven approach, we aim to revolutionise meeting dynamics and productivity. We can help guide your company on this transformative journey, optimising your meetings for the next evolution for your team, your operations, and your purpose-driven business success.

Why should you care?

What is the impact of your company's meeting culture?

Enhance your efficiency, boost collaboration, and cultivate a thriving meeting culture.


of CEO's question meeting effectiveness


of employees feel their ideas are heard during meetings


of meeting attendees claim they attend ineffective meetings with no purpose


work day frustration is ineffective time waster meetings


of resource costs can be attributed to time invested in meetings

5.5 / 10

The average performance rating of meetings surveyed


of meeting time is spent discussing irrelevant issues


of the day is the amount of time executives spend in meetings


One of the top reasons emplyees leave is due to poor communication

Find Your Meeting Type and Fix Your Meetings with Data

Meetings are the DNA of business. They are where ideas are born, decisions are made, and futures are forged. But let's face it, most meetings are a mess. They're a waste of time, energy, and human potential.


We're here to change that.

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Find out Your Company's Meeting Type by completing the Meeting Behavioral Assessment today. Adapt strategies, prevent conflicts, and create a supportive environment that empowers your company.

From skeptical to evangelist's in 10 minutes...

Client Testimonials

“TMC led our company through a group dynamics session, and what revealed was very accurate! The recommendations have been implemented and the feedback from my team is very positive. A great outcome. I would highly recommend the meetings company!”

“My partner and i have worked
together for over 7 years and the
insights revealed were spot on, all we could do was nod our heads and laugh. The report was scary, I didn't expect to learn so much from this. Incredible.”

"The precision was staggering. I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of insights from such a brief assessment! The engagement was the same result as my meeting type; be short, be sharp, be gone”

Ready to discover your company's unique meeting style?

Click to start your free assessment

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