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Do you want to meet better?

Find out your meeting type


For Me

Unlock your personal meeting potential and make every meeting count.

Understand YOU!

Discover how your unique preferences shape your meeting style and how you can leverage them for more effective communication and leadership.


Understand your meeting type and preferences with a simple yet powerful assessment.


Unlock the full potential of your meetings with personalized insights. Discover your unique meeting style and revolutionize the way you collaborate.


Gain insights into your preferred meeting style and how it influences your interactions with colleagues and clients.


Create a more positive and productive meeting experience for yourself and others by understanding your meeting type and preferences.

Why should you care?

Most Vital
Business Skill

Leading meetings effectively — guiding ideas, keeping everyone engaged and making sure things stay on track towards an outcome — is arguably the most vital skill for career advancement and your influence in business.

When you know yourself, you understand your own strengths and weaknesses this allows you to tailor your meeting approach to your own needs and to the needs of the group. By understanding your archetype, you gain profound insights into your inherent meeting style, which helps in leveraging your natural strengths and addressing potential blindspots making every meeting more productive and less draining.

Ready to transform how you conduct meetings?

With our personalised assessment, you'll uncover insights into your meeting style, including how you communicate, lead, and collaborate. These insights will empower you to enhance your meetings, build stronger relationships, and lead with confidence.


Discover Your Meeting Type today by completing the Meeting Behavioral Assessment and start leading meetings that not only meet but exceed expectations.

From skeptical to evangelist's in 10 minutes...

Client Testimonials

“TMC led our company through a group dynamics session, and what revealed was very accurate! The recommendations have been implemented and the feedback from my team is very positive. A great outcome. I would highly recommend the meetings company!”

“My partner and i have worked
together for over 7 years and the
insights revealed were spot on, all we could do was nod our heads and laugh. The report was scary, I didn't expect to learn so much from this. Incredible.”

"The precision was staggering. I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of insights from such a brief assessment! The engagement was the same result as my meeting type; be short, be sharp, be gone”

Ready to discover your unique meeting style?

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