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Introducing a new era of intelligent meetings

A survey has found that more than 70% of meetings are ineffective, largely due to behavioural factors rather than flaws in systems and processes. Despite this, a significant number of companies appear to lack the necessary mechanisms to gauge and manage the overall effectiveness of their meetings.

There has never been a better time or space to address business meetings. This is according to The Meeting Company CEO, Mark Kayser.

He says without proper tools and quantitative metrics for gauging meeting efficacy, it becomes challenging to measure the success of organisational meetings: “After all, fixing what isn’t measured can be a difficult task.”

The Meeting Company is poised to reshape the landscape of corporate collaboration. Introducing an innovative meeting behavioural solution, the company addresses the root cause of inefficiency in meetings – group behavioural dynamics.

Positioning itself as the next big leap in business technology, The Meeting Company’s behavioural analytic technology with advanced psychometrics is redefining and optimising meetings, promising to contribute positively to business goals. This new approach tackles the often overlooked, the impact of ineffective meetings and their drain on people.

The majority of meetings do not achieve their purpose. This is a mind-boggling statistic considering the vital role meetings play in decision-making, collaboration and innovation. Imagine the colossal waste of time, money and emotional energy involved in these unproductive gatherings.

Kayser says this is the glaring problem that The Meeting Company aims to solve with its solution – a solution to transform the way businesses approach meetings.

“The Meeting Company’s solution seamlessly blends behavioural science and innovative technology. Capable of generating over a billion meeting permutations for a typical meeting, it aims to improve over 90% of meetings by understanding people and their meeting preferences,” he explained.

He said this breakthrough promises not only time and cost savings but also a more emotionally intelligent and productive organisational culture: “This advanced instrument offers groundbreaking insights into the behavioural preferences and tendencies of meeting attendees.”

By understanding meeting preferences and profiles, companies can save time, money and emotions while improving organisational culture. The Meeting Company’s solution enhances meeting success by priming attendees with group preferences. By tailoring meetings to suit everyone’s needs, conflicts are reduced and effective collaboration is promoted, fostering a more productive and engaging experience.

Kayser highlighted the adaptability of the meeting optimisation solutions, whether it’s a sales pitch, team meeting, face-to-face, online, VC or board meeting. The solutions are designed to improve meetings by encouraging a people-centric approach and ensuring they contribute positively to business goals.

Article by: Rebecca MilesRebecca Miles



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